Family Counseling Center has an office in Jones County located at 300 W. Clinton St., Suite I, Gray,  31032. Services at this location include:

Premarital and marital counseling;
* Parenting counseling;
* Employee Assistance counseling;
* Victims of crime counseling;
* Counseling related to family issues;
* Relationship counseling. 
Contact Family Counseling Center at 478-745-2811 or fill out an application online for an appointment. 

Family Counseling Center also provides counseling for individuals, couples and families who are referred by the Jones County school system and the Jones County Operation Early Intervention program at no charge. If your family is in need of direction and support for your child or children, please feel free to call Shana Polk-Johnson at 478- 986-0387 for a referral  for an appointment for counseling.

Jones County also has the court required Families In Transition Class (FIT),  which is held from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on the last Friday of each month at the Jones County Courthouse. Call 478-745-2811 to register for the class.